The latest trends in men’s fashion

The menswear fashion scene is witnessing a resurgence of preppy styles, with Ivy League favorites like varsity jackets, cardigans, and loafers experiencing increased sales. This trend of collegiate cool is evident in recent consumer fashion events.

One standout brand, Aimé Leon Dore, has been recognized as the Brand of the Year by the popular menswear podcast Throwing Fits. Combining streetwear and Ivy League influences, Aimé Leon Dore embodies the new-prep aesthetic with a unique and impressive clothing line, as if Ralph Lauren and James Jebbia collaborated while under the influence.

Furthermore, J.Crew, a classic preppy brand, has sought a revamp by enlisting Brendon Babenzien, known for his work with Supreme and Noah. This move affirms the resurgence of American prep style, now infused with a streetwear twist.

A prominent trend among Gen Z and Millennial men is the embrace of vintage shopping. People are increasingly turning to second-hand shops instead of traditional retail chains. Wearing lived-in clothes has gained popularity, carrying more significance for this younger generation than donning brand-new attire. This shift not only benefits the planet but also allows individuals to curate unique and eclectic outfits, as opposed to the mass-produced designs offered by fast-fashion retailers.

The 70s trend for men continues to evolve, featuring elements such as big collars, ringer tees, flared pants, statement shirts, brow-bar glasses, heeled boots, and the revival of iconic sneakers like the Adidas Samba.

Another eco-conscious trend gaining traction is the repair and reuse of clothing. Repairing clothes is now considered stylish rather than sloppy, aligning with consumers’ desire to reduce their environmental impact. Brands like Patagonia and Christopher Raeburn offer repairs and use repurposed materials in their garments. Additionally, individuals are taking it upon themselves to mend and restore their own clothing, making visible repairs a symbol of pride and sustainability.

Military-inspired clothing continues to be a prevalent feature in menswear. Chinos, bombers, and field jackets all have military origins, and brands like Fendi, Hermes, and Engineered Garments prominently incorporate military styles in their collections. To adopt this trend, it is recommended to introduce one or two military-inspired pieces at a time, mixing them with casual staples like Oxford shirts, denim, and retro runners for a contemporary and masculine look.

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